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Wayland High School

Shawmut Design & Construction

Waterside Place

Suffolk Construction

W Hotel

Lend Lease

Upham’s Corner

Bilt-Rite Construction

True Runner

Trinity Building & Construction

J Derenzo Co. performed site work for the True Runner retail site.

The Victor Residences

Suffolk Construction

Stoneham Middle School

Shawmut Design & Construction

YMCA Quincy


Route 9 Road Widening

New England Development

J Derenzo Co. completed this complex road widening and infrastructure project along a high traffic area of Route 9 in front of The Mall at Chestnut Hill. The team widened 3,000 linear feet of road, replaced the interior guardrail and made infrastructure improvements including drainage, signage and signaling. The team temporarily re-directed the existing traffic lanes, complete with line striping, to divert traffic during construction. Work was completed in two phases over a year and a half; two lanes of traffic was maintained at all times throughout construction.

J Derenzo Co. removed the guardrail and replaced it with concrete barriers. The team widened the road from two lanes to three in each direction with a breakdown lane. They milled the pavement and overlaid new asphalt on the existing lanes, then laid down a thick new slab for the third lane. At the mall entrance, the crew installed a traffic signal and added turning lanes from the main roadway.

Along the 3,000 LF stretch of road, the team updated traffic lights at two other locations; installed drainage with new catch basins and drain manholes; installed all new sidewalks and reset the curb; dug hand holes; ran conduit for new and existing traffic signals; and modified existing lights. The team completed the project will all new line striping.

Oxford Ping On Affordable Housing

Consigli Construction

J. Derenzo Co. performed small foundation work and utility installation.

Northeastern University GrandMarc

Suffolk Construction

NMR Meditation Center

Consigli Construction

Merrimack Premium Outlets

Client DPR Hardin Construction

Malden Mills Apartments

Keith Construction

Logan Airport Conract

Suffolk Construction

JDC Demolition performed select demolition of the existing Conrac DP #3 facility.

Kensington Place

Suffolk Construction

IKEA Expansion

Dimeo Construction

J. Derenzo Co. performed site work for the expansion of the IKEA store in Stoughton, MA.

Harvard University Innovation Lab

Shawmut Design & Construction

Harvard University Conant Lab Ramp

Consigli Construction

Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School

Bacon Construction

NewRoads performed abatement work to VAT/ mastic and duct sealants throughout the occupied school.

Flats on D

John Moriarty & Associates

Fairfax Gardens

CWC Builders

Caritas Holy Family

Suffolk Construction

Bridgewater State University Science Center

Barr & Barr

Boston College St. Mary’s Hall

Shawmut Design & Construction

300 Massachusetts Ave.

John Moriarty & Associates

The team performed water and sewer cut and cap as part of ongoing demolition on the site.

225 Centre Street

Walsh Brothers

22 Water Street

Lend Lease

Hong Lok House

Walsh Brothers

J Derenzo Co. performed excavation, shoring, underpinning, foundations, street utilities and other finish work for phases one and two of the Hong Lok house in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood. Walsh Brothers is managing the complicated project, which includes a mix of historic facade restoration, demolition, and new construction. Situated on an extremely dense urban site, J Derenzo’s team had to closely coordinate trucking to remove the excavated soils and perform utility work during night and weekend shifts.

Lesley University

John Moriarty & Associates

JDC Demolition performed sensitive select demolition to the historic Lesley University Church and removed the cupola for restoration all in preparation for the building to be relocated on its lot. The building, originally built in 1845, has been moved once already from its original plot in Cambridge. To accommodate the second move, JDC Demolition completed the demolition, J Derenzo Co. will excavate and prepare the new foundation and construction manager J. Moriarty & Associates will use a hydraulic jack and wheels to move the building into place before beginning a full renovation.

Envoy Hotel at Parcel A

Lee Kennedy Company, Inc.

J. Derenzo Co. teamed with Lee Kennedy Co. to perform excavation and foundation work for the new Envoy Hotel at Parcel A in Boston’s Seaport District. The dense site directly abuts The Barking Crab restaurant and the Moakley Federal Courthouse. Deliveries, on-loading and off-loading and laydown area were all very restricted; the team adhered to a tightly coordinated schedule to assure minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

One Canal

John Moriarty & Associates

J. Derenzo Co. performed extensive exploratory and site work on this dense downtown Boston parcel. The team drilled test pits, relocated a 30″ water main, excavated 14′ below grade and prepped the foundation to make way for a future 11-story high rise. Situated across from the Boston Garden and atop operating MBTA lines, the site is extremely sensitive and the team has taken great care to properly schedule equipment mobilization, trucking routes, deliveries and material offloading. Because tunnels beneath the proposed foundation prevented conventional earth support, the installed a unique gravity-flowable fill wall earth support system for the basement excavation, also known as a Support of Excavation (SOE) wall.

New Balance Field at BU


J Derenzo Co. performed excavation, grading, utility work, streetwork, earth support and curbing for the new Boston University New Balance Field, constructed by BOND. With the project site surrounded on all sides by active BU facilities and operating commercial businesses, the team had to take great care to keep within the restrictive building footprint. J Derenzo crews completed excavation for a one-story below grade parking garage and managed the installation of the beam & lagging earth support system. Atop the garage, J Derenzo’s team performed the grading and pad prep for a state-of-the-art field hockey field. The team laid 3,500 tons of dense grade gravel topped by a special “e-layer” of asphalt, over which the turf field was laid. J Derenzo tied in all the utilities and completed sitework and curbing on the finished project, which ran on an accelerated six-month schedule

Brigham & Women’s Garage

Walsh Brothers

J Derenzo Co. performed excavation, blasting and managed the earth support work for this new Brigham & Women’s Hospital garage project with Walsh Brothers. The five-story garage features an earth support system of whalers and H-beams. J Derenzo’s team blasted and excavated ledge to make way for the excavation. Because the buildings immediately surrounding the hole are occupied and operating, the blasting was timed to most effectively mitigate impact on abutters. Situated in the dense Longwood Medical area of Boston with no laydown area outside the building footprint, Derenzo’s crews created an intricately timed trucking schedule to allow one truck in and one truck out to manage debris removal.

Battery Wharf


J. Derenzo Co. and Boston Environmental worked with Skanska USA Building on this $230 million Battery Wharf mixed-use project. Battery Wharf includes four buildings housing a 150-room luxury hotel and 104 residences along with restaurants, a spa and parking facilities. All work was performed on a very constricted site with little staging area within an active portion of the Boston waterfront. J. Derenzo Co. performed all earth support, excavation and utility work, including over 1,200 linear feet of steel sheeting earth support. Boston Environmental managed the mass excavation of over 72,000 tons of contaminated soils. Boston Environmental removed, transported and disposed these soils in both lined and unlined landfills. The soils management by Boston Environmental included treatment of lead-impacted soils using the patented FESI-BondTM process and removal of hazardous waste from the site.

101 Seaport / Parcel L1


J. Derenzo Co. performed the site work at Parcel L1 in the Boston Seaport. The team excavated down to 33′ with one level of bracing, removed over 60,000 cubic yards of soil and managed the sheet driving and de-watering operations. The site crew also handled backfilling, grading, slab prep, utility installation, site finishes, sidewalk prep and curbing.

Millennium Tower

Suffolk Construction

J Derenzo Co. performed site work on the Millennium Tower development in the Downtown Crossing section of Boston. The team performed excavation, pre-trenching and utilities and managed the installation of foundation and earth retention systems. The crew also managed bulk soils excavation and disposal. The deep hole excavation took the team down 40′ to accommodate three levels of below grade parking. Bracing was installed at 6′ and 23′. Earth retention is a mix of soldier piles & lagging and seacant piles. Surrounded by highrise buildings and heavy pedestrian thru-ways, the site also sits atop operating MBTA lines; to keep vibration and excavation impact to a minimum, the team used saw cutting and compressors whenever possible.

Westwood Station

John Moriarty & Associates

J. Derenzo Co. completed significant highway construction work on this evolving redevelopment of a former industrial park into a smart growth, transit originated mixed-use development. Work performed included roadway demolition, construction to subgrade of 2,300 linear feet of a new four lane roadway that included new drainage, private utilities, retaining walls, noise barriers and temporary diversion roadways.

Hingham Shipyard

Samuels & Associates

J. Derenzo Co. and Boston Environmental completed site work, utilities installation, drainage, roadway construction and a full site clean up at Hingham Shipyard as part of the redevelopment of the former ship yard into a mixed use retail and residential community

J. Derenzo Co. was involved with all aspects of both the on-site and off-site utilities installation. The company installed approximately 34,340 linear feet of public water and sewer lines in addition to 28,900 linear feet of drainage lines. The team cleaned and tested the new lines to ensure compliance with the project specification. J. Derenzo Co. also constructed 12,000 linear feet of new roads, which included all rough and final grading, drainage utilities, traffic signals and signage, asphalt paving, curbing and installation of pedestrian sideways. This portion of work encompassed The team developed the traffic plans used to maintain the heavy traffic flow and ensure the safety of workers and general public.

J. Derenzo Co. reconstructed the existing Coast Guard wooden pier, which involved the complete reconstruction for 250 linear feet of wooden pier into the harbor. All of the work was performed while the marina and 1,700-car MBTA Park and Ride parking lot remained operational. To maintain uninterrupted parking lot access, J. Derenzo Co. installed extensive traffic controls and detour signage.

J. Derenzo Co. worked closely with the Town of Hingham Water and Sewer Department throughout the project.

Boston Environmental cleaned up materials disposed during the 1940s and 1950s from shipbuilding operations and during the operation of an on-site incinerator. Boston Environmental removed and properly disposed of PCB-contaminated soils and debris from a former dumping ground on the shipyard property. The PCB-area contained two distinct areas with respect to cleanup requirements: areas where PCB levels were between 2 and 50 parts per million (ppm) and areas where PCBs exceeded 50 ppm. In addition, some of the materials contained levels of leachable lead requiring treatment to render them non-RCRA.

Boston Environmental completed the cleanup in four weeks, under budget and ahead of schedule. Over 6,000 tons of soils with PCB levels greater than 50 ppm were excavated under an EPA self-implementing plan and shipped via rail to a TSCA – landfill in Indiana. An additional 8,200 tons of material with PCB levels between two and 50 ppm were shipped to a recycling facility and a landfill, based on the physical condition of the material.

TSCA level materials were cleaned up under an EPA self-implementing plan, and the remainder of the site was cleaned up via a Release Abatement Measure (RAM) Plan under Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) requirements.

With the site cleared and infrastructure complete, the new Hingham Shipyard includes:

650,000 square feet of retail
15 to 20 restaurants
4,000 units of housing and condominium housing
1,500 units of rental housing
two public parks
rehabilitation of MBTA commuter boat docks and parking facilities
new marina
three miles of new roadways, parking lots, all new utilities

Boylston West

John Moriarty & Associates

J Derenzo Co. performed excavation and earth support work on this project, working directly with longtime partner Samuels & Associates. The team went down 30 feet to create the below grade parking garage and managed the installation of the earth support system. Check out the time lapse here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yadwPQmLCeg&feature=youtu.be

Tufts University Cousens Gym

JLL Construction

J. Derenzo Co. will excavate, backfill the existing foundation for waterproofing and install a retaining wall and small concrete pads.

Lovejoy Wharf

Suffolk Construction

J Derenzo Co. installed utilities around the footprint of this new building site.


Cranshaw Construction

J. Derenzo Co. performed site work, excavation and foundations, utilities and roadway work for the buildings in Ink Block – National Development’s redevelopment of the old Boston Herald site into a multi-buiding mixed-use residential and retail complex.

Hingham Middle School

Brait Builders

Demolition of an existing middle school and removal of associated asbestos-filled materials.

Franklin High School

Bacon Construction

Select demolition and abatement of existing high school.

275 Albany Street

Suffolk Construction

J. Derenzo Co. performed deep hole excavation, foundation prep, installed all new utilities, completed miscellaneous site improvements and removed regulated soils on this downtown site.

270 Third Street


165 Cambridge Park Drive


Suffolk University 20 Somerset Street

Suffolk Construction

JDC Demolition performed the demolition of the 10-story former Metropolitan District Commission Headquarters to make way for Suffolk University’s new academic and science classroom building. Located in Boston’s Beacon Hill/Government Center district adjacent to the McCormack State Office Building and across the street from the John Adams Courthouse Building, the site is extremely tight and highly sensitive. JDC’s team has to stick to a tight “one in, one out” trucking schedule. JDC will complete the work in just 90 days to make enable Suffolk to maintain an aggressive construction schedule.

Marshfield High School

Brait Builders

JDC Demolition worked as part of Brait Builders’ team to demolish the old Marshfield High School after the successful opening of a new high school building. The team worked quickly, taking down the 300,000 square-foot facility during the students’ summer vacation.

1282 Boylston Street

Suffolk Construction

J. Derenzo’s team worked with Suffolk Construction on this project in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. The team performed excavation to 25’ below grade and managed the Allied team that drove sheets for earth retention and put in place one level of bracing. The crew met an aggressive schedule despite some unexpected site closures and delivery slow-downs brought on by the ALCS and World Series games at Fenway Park. The postage stamp-sized lot situated in an extremely dense urban area made public safety a key concern.

114 Mount Auburn St.

Tishman Construction

JDC Demolition performed structural demolition of this four-story wood-frame structure at 114 Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge. From the building’s dense site in the heart of Harvard Square to the operating MBTA lines directly underground and the close proximity of abutting buildings made demolition an extremely sensitive operation. The team had a very restricted area for laydown, deliveries and on/ off loading. J. Derenzo Co. site crews followed the demolition crew to prepare the site for new construction.

One Seaport Square

John Moriarty & Associates

J. Derenzo company is performing deep hole excavation, bracing and slurry wall installation to prepare Parcels B&C for construction of the Innovation District’s newest high rise mixed-use retail/ residential building. The team will excavate to 40-foot depths. Two levels of temporary bracing and over 250 temporary tie backs will be installed to facilitate and support the deep hole excavation. A slurry wall will be installed with an exposed face of over 76,000 square feet. The slurry wall will act as earth support for underground garage construction and serve as permanent foundation walls for the garage. J. Derenzo Co.’s team worked with construction manager J. Moriarty & Assoc. to propose a slurry wall at this location; use of a slurry wall alleviates the need for foundation walls to be cast by a concrete subcontractor, saving significant time in the schedule. The use of tie-backs – in lieu of a completely internally-braced system – will allow J. Derenzo Co. to expedite bulk excavation of the garage, which will amount to more than 275,000 tons of material. J. Derenzo Co. subcontractor Hayward Baker will complete over 1,900 square feet of temporary earth support at the beginning of the project to facilitate the installation of the slurry wall along Sleeper Street. The slurry wall and bracing represent significant cost advantages over other conventional sheeted earth support systems. In addition to the excavation, J. Derenzo Co. will install all new infrastructure such as sewer, drain, water, curbing, and paving.

Boston Landing

John Moriarty & Associates

J. Derenzo Co., JDC Demolition, Inc. and Boston Environmental are managing the site work; excavation; utility installation; demolition; abatement; and environmental monitoring portions of work at Boston Landing. Boston Landing in Brighton is one of Boston’s most highly anticipated new developments. This multi-phased project, constructed by J. Moriarty & Associates and Gilbane, will house 650,000 square feet of office space, including a state-of-the-art headquarters for New Balance, along with a sports center, hotel, retail, restaurant space and the new practice facility for the Boston Bruins. J. Derenzo Co.’s steady progress with site work and excavation has kept the aggressively scheduled project on course. The team bulk excavated down 20 feet, managed the sheet-driving operation for the below-grade parking garage, removed underground fuel tanks, installed several interior plumbing pits, and prepared the excavation to receive the slab on grade for the garage. In all, the team removed more than 85,000 tons of excavated soil from the nine-acre site in only three months. Next up, J. Derenzo Co. is performing all the sewer, water, and drain infrastructure in preparation for the full depth reconstruction of the surrounding public streets. J. Derenzo Company will be reconstructing a 1,300 linear-foot stretch of Guest Street in Brighton for acceptance by the City of Boston, including all new pavement, curbing, and street lighting infrastructure. Meanwhile, JDC Demolition cleared the way for this project by removing a 350,000 SF manufacturing/warehouse facility back in January 2013, which abutted CSX track, and removed a 50,000 SF office building in March 2013. JDC Demolition is currently performing the structural demolition of a former tour bus garage located at 77 Guest Street, and just completed the selective demolition of the existing New Balance Parking Garage by removing portions of the corner stairwells to make way for renovations and upgrades. JDC Demolition will also be demolishing the existing B.L. Makepeace building on Guest Street which will complete the clearing of the footprint of the new sports complex. Boston Environmental Corp. performed initial environmental surveys on site prior to the start of work; throughout construction the crew is monitoring air quality and coordinating the disposal of contaminated soils. J. Derenzo Co. expects to be on site through the completion of construction in 2016. Enjoy NESN’s coverage of the groundbreaking for the Boston Bruins here: http://nesn.com/2014/12/bruins-break-ground-on-new-practice-facility-warrior-ice-arena/

Barry’s Corner

Samuels & Associates

Teams from J. Derenzo Co., JDC Demolition, NewRoads Environmental and Boston Environmental are all underway on the high profile Barry’s Corner project on Western Avenue in Allston. Our teams are working for long-time partner Samuels & Associates, which is developing the parcel for Harvard University. Suffolk Construction is the general contractor. JDC Demolition’s work is essentially complete, having removed the existing one-story building – a mix of steel and CMU – and sorted and off-loaded the debris. Boston Environmental has managed asbestos monitoring throughout the project. J Derenzo’s sitework crew is next up, where they will remove existing transite piping, excavate 17’ down, oversee the sheet driving operation, bring in all new utilities and complete new road work.