• Client

    John Moriarty & Associates

  • Timescale


  • Value

    Greater than $10 Million

One Seaport Square

J Derenzo Co. continues work in the Seaport with excavation of Parcels B&C

J. Derenzo company is performing deep hole excavation, bracing and slurry wall installation to prepare Parcels B&C for construction of the Innovation District's newest high rise mixed-use retail/ residential building.

The team will excavate to 40-foot depths. Two levels of temporary bracing and over 250 temporary tie backs will be installed to facilitate and support the deep hole excavation. 

A slurry wall will be installed with an exposed face of over 76,000 square feet. The slurry wall will act as earth support for underground garage construction and serve as permanent foundation walls for the garage.  

J. Derenzo Co.'s team worked with construction manager J. Moriarty & Assoc. to propose a slurry wall at this location; use of a slurry wall alleviates the need for foundation walls to be cast by a concrete subcontractor, saving significant time in the schedule. The use of tie-backs - in lieu of a completely internally-braced system - will allow J. Derenzo Co. to expedite bulk excavation of the garage, which will amount to more than 275,000 tons of material. J. Derenzo Co. subcontractor Hayward Baker will complete over 1,900 square feet of temporary earth support at the beginning of the project to facilitate the installation of the slurry wall along Sleeper Street. The slurry wall and bracing represent significant cost advantages over other conventional sheeted earth support systems.

In addition to the excavation, J. Derenzo Co. will install all new infrastructure such as sewer, drain, water, curbing, and paving.



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