• Client

    John Moriarty & Associates

  • Timescale

    6 months to 1 year

  • Value

    $500,000 - $1 Million

Lesley University

JDC Demolition & J Derenzo Co. work on sensitive restoration and relocation of historic church

JDC Demolition performed sensitive select demolition to the historic Lesley University Church and removed the cupola for restoration all in preparation for the building to be relocated on its lot.

The building, originally built in 1845, has been moved once already from its original plot in Cambridge. To accommodate the second move, JDC Demolition completed the demolition,
J Derenzo Co. will excavate and prepare the new foundation and construction manager J. Moriarty & Associates will use a hydraulic jack and wheels to move the building into place before beginning a full renovation.

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